Behind Space Of Realities 2013: Classic version

Author: YourCreatedHell
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Date: 26.04.2013
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A full version of the long-awaited project Behind Space Of Realities. Earlier, in the form demo versions, this addition to already become a hit, especially the 2012 version of the Palms part, which is compatible with Project Oblivion 2010 HQ. However, now Behind Space Of Realities is an independent global mod that replaces almost all vegetation GTA San Andreas, but the one that is linked to the map objects.

A record number of replaced 3D models, which is an indicator 270 of gta3.img (no mod to replace the vegetation can not boast of it). Replaced not only the palms, trees, shrubs, pine trees and cacti, potted plants, but were changed: stones, rocks, seaweed, logs, etc.

Most of the vegetation was made from scratch. Improved color vertices of objects, which makes it a unique addition, compared with other forms of the same type.

Features additions:
- 100% of fixed geometry
- Highly detailed textures materials.
- Replacement of almost all vegetation
- Correct color vertices
- Compatibility with the original game

BSOR 2013: Mipmapped Edition
Authors: JF-Mir2 and methodunderg

Mipmaps remove the 'grainy' look of the vegetation on default, and makes the vegetation mod look better. It filters textures. Mipmapped Edition also adds mipmaps on grass.

Watch the topic with Mipmapped version in

Screenshots by DEZ

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Behind Space Of Realities 2013: Classic version
Behind Space Of Realities 2013: Classic version Behind Space Of Realities 2013: Classic version Behind Space Of Realities 2013: Classic version

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