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Saint Mark's Bistro Mission MOD V1.0

Author: Michael- michael196
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Date: 03.07.2005
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Saint Mark's Bistro Mission MOD V1.0

This is a mod that replaces your SCM file
as soon as you hit start new game and the game loads the mission cutscene is being showed and the mission is starting,
you can continue playing as you would in normal mode

Replace the SCM file in the package with your SCM file.
You can find your SCM file in:
Root San Andreas Directory --> Data --> Script --> Your SCM File
Just replace it, easy as it!

Known Bugs:
If you fail the mission you can't restart it, you need to start a new game from the menu
The draw distance seems to be maxed out more that regular, this will be fixed in the next version ;)
No more bugs are known, if you find any send them to [email protected], or post them at

Thanks to all the people that helped me, the people on the forums (gtagaming's and others)
For the people that appriciated my job

Visit: The GTA:LVS Total Conversion mod
E-Mail: [email protected]

If you want to suggest something, or tell me to add something or something else feel free to send mail to me at:
[email protected] , or post at:

Thanks, Michael
Leader of the GTA:LVS Total Conversion mod
Author of the mod

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Saint Mark's Bistro Mission MOD V1.0

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