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2014 GTA Spano for Mobile

Author: NGR_Ardiansyah(Main Author) Mobile port by: Tikul and Babu8
Date: 10.07.2024
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Filesize: 15.415 MB

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-Main Author:

-ported by:
:Tikul and Babu8

A wonderful Spanish Supercar That we saw in Need for Speed and Asphalt 8


: Car Model From Need For Speed Rivals
: Exterior and Interior are Detailed
: Bonnet and trunk is 3D and functional
: Real colours(No colour replacement)
: Custom and fast handling.
: Renamed textures
: Custom Collision(Includes Damage Models)
: 4 Paint Jobs
: Car tire Perfectly on Surface.
: San Andreas Licence Plate.
: Well Reflection.
: 100% No Black Cleo.
: Has Distance model(chassis_vlo)
: 4.21 mb dff(Good for low end mobile phones)
: Replaces "bullet"(or other cars)

- Known Problems and Bugs

: Bonnet unrealistically open Due to impossible to make open like real gta spano(almost impossible to fix)
: CJ's Leg is clipping outside of the car.(fixable but make the car more unrealistic and unplayable)


: YouTubers can't Shorten the download link or Use in commercial purposes. Paste the link of the mod where you downloaded(GTAinside) and also Credit NGR_Adriansiyah,Tikul and Babu8
: Don't Re-upload the mod in
: Don't Re-upload To other websites without crediting the main Author (NGR_Adriansiyah), Tikul and Babu8

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2014 GTA Spano for Mobile
2014 GTA Spano for Mobile 2014 GTA Spano for Mobile 2014 GTA Spano for Mobile

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