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Boss Spiderman

Author: TommyV5
Date: 25.02.2023
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Filesize: 6.481 MB

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Installation Instructions
Extract this file. In Boss Spiderman folder, copy or cut all the folders into the gta sa game folder.
To appear Spiderman in front of you, type BOSSSI
His skills
Attack with mixed fighting style
Spider-man moves are not like normal people. Move by web if you are away from him or fly.
He runs on the wall if he collides with the wall.
Hanging web stands in place, can move up and down if you are in water or you use spiderman, hang web like him.
He can push carts very strong.
If you are in the vehicle, he uses the web to pull you.
He used the web and disarmed.
He used the web and tied up in seconds.
He uses the web, jumps and punches.
He jumps far and performs the kick.
His 3 attacks.
He can dodge if you shoot, aim at him or use Iron Man to attack range.

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Boss Spiderman
Boss Spiderman Boss Spiderman Boss Spiderman Boss Spiderman Boss Spiderman Boss Spiderman

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