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Alien at Rider's House

Author: beeswax
Date: 02.02.2022
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Hello everyone, hope y'all doing well on those hard times.
Before you download this, let me explain a few things... i don't know who is the author of the Alien model and neither i don't know the name of the guy behind the concept of an alien on the garden of the rider's home, so if you have any info please comment and i'll be update this description as soon as possible; one thing is sure, this is a very old idea made on the begginigs of the GTA SA modding history. So if you're an oldschool player it's possible that you remember this one.
Also, i made this one the 11th October of 2014 and it's released for the first time in 2022; the story behind this is basically i knew the existence of this mod but usually this modification had compatibility issues originally, so i decided to search for the alien model and make my own version, this is 100% functional and has been tested many times.
Of course, this mod it's something to take not too seriously but at least might be a bit interesting at some point... anyway, there's a .zip archive with the main folder, inside you will find a notepad with a quick tutorial for installing on your game.
I been disconnected from this website since 2016 and that year i uploaded one of my last mods (Leatherface at Fisher Lagoon) that was basically a re-creation, this is the same case. The Alien mod was saved on my hard-drive a long time ago with another unreleased stuff that i made on the past, so i will try to upload everything this year. I have actually plans for working on a new mod and re-working on another one i had finished and craft 2 versions of the same, everything i mention before are some original ideas i had and not just a simple recreation of concepts of somebody (none of them are related to horror characters as the uploads i have here).
This is not a comeback really, but i felt i need to close something related to my childhood-teenager years. Well, enjoy! please comment and rate this one, and if you will make a video i can put him on the main page.
Have a good day.

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Alien at Rider's House

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