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The Piggsy (Short Horror Mission) {DYOM IX}

Author: YGE
Date: 24.12.2021
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Filesize: 14.305 MB

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Please Read the Description.

About The Story:
A guy names Jack bought a house in the forest by a seller
anyway, He find out later is that forest has a killer and the killer called Piggsy

About DYOM IX:
drakmorgan: "Hello everyone! Back then in 2018, I realized that DYOM can be edited, but it was a big problem. And the problem was the limit of scm file (DYOM 8.1 has 197000/200000). It's a very big number. Even just a few added functions can destroy everything. Now it's 2021. I just opened my previous file of edited DYOM. Some of the guys wrote, that maybe limit adjuster can solve this problem. I've tried this, and it's worked! I fast posted first two versions of DYOM IX. But then I realized that I was stupid, and did a huge mistake. Then I fast repaired it and in v2.0 limit of the code was officially broken. I want to say a big, big thanks to the original creators of DYOM - Dutchy3010 and PatrickW. You've done a lot of work! I read a DYOM code and very was impressed how they could make this mode works. This is very incredible! There was hard work through their years of coding DYOM. There are no doubt that all of the authorship is belongs to them and it's just a modification. However, I've made serious progress in understanding how the DYOM works, but there are still some bugs."

Original authors: Dutchy3010, PatrickW

Modification from: darkmorgan

Testers: Arkian, M316, RaXo, Robert17

Limit Adjuster: fastman92

Warning: The Mission will not work in DYOM 8.1, you need DYOM IX in order to play the mission

DYOM IX Download Link:


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The Piggsy (Short Horror Mission) {DYOM IX}

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