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Author: Cacahuete
Date: 20.12.2021
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I remember that someone who did not remember the name had made a mod that consisted of replicating the territories of gangs similar to those of GTA V and now that I more or less make scripts I decided to make my version
this mod is obviously an improved version adding more territories here are the territories and their gangs
1 the Ballas as it is will have their territories in Grove Street (home of the Original Covenant faction) in East Los Santos (obvious area of ​​the East Side faction) and Willowfield (which would be for the South Rancho faction)
2 the Families would reside in the areas near the Jefferson hospital and the departments where the Burning Desire mission is carried out, for tenpenny egghead (an approach to what would be the area of ​​the Carson Avenue faction) a part of Jefferson more specifically the area where the safe house is (allusion to Franklin's house and the Chamberlain Gangsters faction) and finally Glen Park and the skate park (it would be related to where the Davis Neighborhood faction resides)
3 Los Vagos reside in El Corona Unity Station and in the Willowfield area that gives access to Ocean Docks (allusion to the Rancho and La Mesa factions respectively
4 Los Aztecas are located in the Market area near the Ammunation, hospital and the Chinese theater
5 a few blocks up, near the Vinewod sign, the safe house and the tuning workshop are located the triads where in their HD counterpart the triads and the Korean mafia would live
6 the bikers of the beta it is pretty obvious that they will represent the motorcycle gang The Lost appearing in Red County more specifically in a trailer park (similar to Stab City) and in Dillimore's bar (counterpart of the Hokies bar and where you know that stupid bitch of Catalina)
7 the Da Nang Boys can have 2 roles as well as 2 zones, in this case the O'Neil Brothers and the Merryweather militia, if the O'Neils are chosen, they will appear in Blueberry, the farm where the light post that indicates the center of the map and its surroundings if you choose Merryweather they will appear in Ocean Docks near where a Ryder mission takes place
8 the San Fierro Rifa will be located in Santa María and in nearby areas of Las Colinas on behalf of the Marabunta Grande
9 The Italian mafia would be the Armenian Mob and they will appear near the docks where the garbage dump is and where they burn tires
10 and not least the Russian mafia of the beta will be the Madrazo Cartel and will be spotted in Richman near the bridge that connects LS with SF


it's quite simple just move the files to the folder where you put all your cleo scripts and that would be enough

NOTE: this only works in new games in case you want to use it in existing saves you will have to use a cleo that I made that eliminates the Vagos Families and Ballas from the map after exit or saving the game install the script and resume or load game and voila (It is recommended to make a backup copy of the game before installing the mod or saving it in another slot

Skins not included

Have fun :)

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GTA V Turfs for Android
GTA V Turfs for Android GTA V Turfs for Android GTA V Turfs for Android GTA V Turfs for Android GTA V Turfs for Android GTA V Turfs for Android GTA V Turfs for Android

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