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All Gangs Have 5 Members V2 Android

Author: Cacahuete
Date: 09.12.2021
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after so long I came back with an update to one of my mods and I'm sure they think
"Bro, enough beta mods, we're sick of the same beta shit why instead of uploading mods like this you better shoot yourself in the face and do the community a favor" and all I can say is which won't be necessary because this mods is different and you will like it (although in the end I can happily upload it believing that it will be good from a personal perspective but I look at the comments and ratings and it's actually a shitty mod so keep my classist comments to this mod)
without so much blah blah blah what is the mod about? the most possible is that they remember my old mod that all gangs have 5 members and not 3 let's say I reinstalled it and realizing that they have several details I decided to make a version 2
this version 2 contains several things that the other does not have for example
Now the Italian mafia has their respective territories and the triads also headquartered in the four dragons casino, don't get me wrong, I know that in the images of the old version these 2 bands came out but they were only that images and I used a mod of territories for those images they were corrected an error in bayside where both this gang and the motorcyclists spawned causing shootings between these 2 becoming even annoying now only the motorcyclists appear in Bayside because I decided to make a new script from scratch talking about the motorcyclists these together with the Russians added them more territories like the rest of the docks and more parts of the desert
more density has been added for the more specific dan nang boys at pier 69 and a weapon change has been made in the triads now they carry katanas in addition to their assault rifles
The skins were modified either by changing the textures or the model, in fact the VC bikers were replaced by those of the final game, only with another texture variant another texture to one of the dan nang boys(so that it is more faithful to the style of the game) using the textures of the PedFuncs mod (credits to the creators of those textures) in addition to changing the voices of these now like all pedestrians, gang members have a single bank of dialogues, said bank depends on the member number in addition to correcting errors in some such as the repetitive voices of the triads
I was going to put this in my peds update mod, but since I am lazy, I decided to put it here it is nothing more and nothing less than a correction to drug dealers among the characteristics of this script is the obvious restoration of latino dealers and motorcyclists which will appear in Las Venturas and San Fierro respectively and improve the rate of appearance of these and the 2 already existing

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All Gangs Have 5 Members V2 Android
All Gangs Have 5 Members V2 Android All Gangs Have 5 Members V2 Android All Gangs Have 5 Members V2 Android All Gangs Have 5 Members V2 Android

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