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GTA SA War/Army mod

Author: Polacko
Date: 07.10.2021
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This is the kinda of mod that make Change GTA SA Gameplay in a new way!
GTA SA War/Army mod is a mod that tries to make GTA SA plays like Call of Duty, but in GTA SA. with Warfare Missions, Freeroam fights, full of action

What's special about it?
The idea that you feel like an actual soldier, Able to use medics and armour, call for supply or AirStrike

What's the features?
1- 5 Endless missions, each is different

2- Interactive menu, allows you to do a lot of stuff (keep reading to learn more)

3- The army will attack you in Los Santos, with helis. soldiers, and more

4- Hard difficulty, to make the action even actioner

5- Realism, in a fun way

What's special about the Interactive menu?

1- You can use medic anywhere, so you can heal up
2- You can use armour, for extra protection
3- You can call for air strike, and set it to drop anywhere you want, by setting a waypoint
4- You can call for supplies, if you need a quick 1 medic and armour, with some ammo
5- You can call for a vehicle, if you got yourself in a bad situation. the vehicle is bullet proof

Does it really play like Call of Duty?
The mod is in a OpenWorld game, so it kinda play like COD,

While i don't like this, but you can check out my channel, if you want to see some other mods. You can do that by checking my Profile, or just click one of my videos

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GTA SA War/Army mod
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