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GTA SA Drug Dealer

Author: Polacko | Email
Date: 03.10.2021
Downloads: 5374 | Statistics
Filesize: 1.045 MB

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As you know, GTA SA Has mentioned Drug Dealers multiple times, By the story, mission, and stats. This mod allows you to become an actual drug dealer

Update 1.3
1- Bug fixes
2- You can now buy drug generators.
like Weed farm, Cocaine storage, Meth lockup. which generates 20g of the drug every 5 minutes. Generators have an icon on the map!
3- Note: This mod Unlocks every city, removes the roadblocks, and wanted.

What's so special about it?
This mod (Unlike other mods) focus(s) on becoming an actual dealer, and not about using drugs.

Is this mod realistic?
In general - Kinda of... but since this is a game, the mod tries to become a bit fun.

What's the features?
1- Using Drug dealers, that spawns from the mod, and not those random drug dealers you find on the street (They cause crashes)

2- You can earn a lot of money form dealing drugs, if you're smart, and able to get away from the cops.

3- The mod is simple, so crashes are impossible, and you can load/save as much as you want

Is there a warning?
Please read the "Read Me" file

Final words?
The mod is simple, light, and quite fun. There might be some updates.
Have a good day :)

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GTA SA Drug Dealer
GTA SA Drug Dealer GTA SA Drug Dealer

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