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Sprint With All Weapons

Author: Razor Vermillion/SlingShot753/HackMan128/H-G
Date: 31.08.2021
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Filesize: 2.786 MB

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It's important that you use Modloader for this
just simply put the folder "Sprint With All Weapons" into your GTA San Andreas modloader folder and you're all set.

Did you know that III, VC and SA all natively feature the ability to sprint with heavier weapons
just like in LCS and VCS?

Well, for some reason, it seems R* kept this ability "disabled" until LCS and VCS
by redirecting the heavy sprint animations to the heavy run ones.

Since Toni and Vic's movement animations are practically the BETA versions of CJ's movement animations
why not "restore" this native feature in SA and take the LCS animations for it?

Stories Sprinting brings you the most complete and proper port of the ability to sprint with all weapons from LCS and VCS
to SA by using the most original and native approach ever!

Credit goes to SlingShot753 for All animations
HackMan128 for the sprint.asi
H-G for the for the file upload
Razor Vermillion for the weapon.dat and how to install it and making it more simple to use.

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Sprint With All Weapons
Sprint With All Weapons Sprint With All Weapons Sprint With All Weapons Sprint With All Weapons Sprint With All Weapons

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