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Flak 8,8 cm AA

Author: GregorHecker
Date: 07.08.2021
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Hello bro's ... I hope you are well, today I bring you a remastered mod (and it is not the FlakVierling) This mod is the Flak 8.8 or better known by the Germans as Acht-Acht (Eight-Eight)


Originally this mod was made based on the Flak 88 from Paul98 this time with a different texture and iron plates placed by the Germans in a kind of armor (in short that frontal armor was never effective to protect the 88mm in case a tank He fired it as it was too thin) The Flak 88 was known to act as an anti-tank but before the war and even in the early days it developed the role of anti-aircraft this roll carried it from the beginning of its life stage that went back to WW1 and that acted for the first time in the Spanish Civil War acting as anti-aircraft of the Revolt Band, there it was used as a main anti-aircraft apart from the Flak 30 (20mm) ... At the beginning of World War II the gun was used mainly as an anti-aircraft gun but its role as an anti-tank gun would see it in the invasion of France where an anonymous German soldier changed the trajectory of the 88mm when he saw the Matilda 2 tanks approaching. Italians and the French Char B1 near the city of Sedan (Battle of the Meuse River or Sedan) The invention was very excellent, because the projectile was fired and penetrated the armor of the Matilda 2 (a tank that was more than revolutionary for the time more than the Panzer III or Panzer IV or already the French Char B1) but the most excellent role was played in the North African campaign where Erwin Rommel raised the idea of ??the Flak 88 Antitank. His action in North Africa was very excellent by German engineering standards since an AP (anti-armor) ammunition could penetrate the front without problems and exit at other ends ... His actions in Operation Battleaxe and the battles of Alamein They were his star debut both in North Africa and on the Eastern Front, the 88 was very effective in combat, Both for the KV-1, KV-2 and T-34 tanks (early war) ... Already for the Winter In 1942 German engineers began to make new weapons especially: Tanks and anti-tank guns .... One of these inventions was the famous Tiger I battle tank and its counterpart the Tiger 2 and the Ferdinand / Elefant anti-tank that were very effective in combat. , thanks to the 88mm cannon that was included, also cannons like the Pak-43 that was based on an 88mm cannon and that could penetrate any armor (To be exact 167mm penetration at 1000m distance) Thus the Flak 88 became a of the anti-aircraft guns eos / anti-tanks of World War II.

Put the folder in modloader or put the .dff and .txd files (with Alci's IMG Editor or Crazy IMG) in the GTA3.img file.

That was all enjoy the mod :)

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Flak 8,8 cm AA

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