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Spawn Killstreaks

Author: skatefilter5
Date: 22.07.2021
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Killstreaks from COD series, you can use them without killing anyone.
It will kill anything in it's way be careful, explosion might kill you but your immune to bullet damage by these killstreaks however.

Press F5 + F8 to bring up the menu.

But don't spawn more than 1 Support Halo or Chopper Gunners also you can't have both at same time or else it will crashes for too many task, cuz NPCS are used in these choppers.

Doesn't affect Gunship, Airstrikes and Vtols but use caution.

Support Halo
Chopper Gunner
Gunship (explosion can't reach to the ground)
Vtols with explosion and bullets
Plane that fires m4 or miniguns, it's mostly not accurate the npcs but it can destroy some cars.

I'd never tested without open limit adjuster and fastman adjuster limit.

But you can use open adjust limiter , but fastman you have to download the rest incase if there's a update for once.
It's already increase numbers of npcs and tasks.

If it crashed, then delete fastman adjusted limter asi and keep open adjuster limiter.

Cleo 4.0 and Cleo+ is required

Have fun!

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Spawn Killstreaks

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