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MEGA Converation Pack v2

Author: Robciante | Email
Date: 12.05.2008
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Filesize: 6.999 MB

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This is "GTA-SA High-End Mega Conversation Pack v2" by Robciante...

A,lot of things have been changed,fixed and optimazed in this 2nd version...
Go and see yourself ;)



Simply copy ALL! files that is in folder-"mod" to GTA-SA game dir.

The Mod will work good with new game,so...Get to work :D
Or just empty all your garages using trainer,bet new game would be better,
because I don't HOW,but sound can get glichy,if you load old save...

And please,save very often besauce San Andreas game-engine sometimes
(played the hole story and maybe 3 or 4 times game crashed...)
can override,and that can lead to crash...


So,here's whats new-

#NEW EFFECTS!(New Fire,smoke(I just love that smoke when u start
driving car or drifting-something like Pro Street)reflections,
vehicle effects,new NoS effect,water effects,blood effects,
new fire and smoke when shooting a weapon,etc)

#NEW ATMOSPHERE(new,grass,trees,moon,sun,etc)...something like NFS-MW...
And,congatz-no f*cking rain,that means no sound problem...
Even cheats or trainer won't work to get rain ^.^

#NEW SOUNDS(New explosion sound,sirens,weapon sounds and offcourse
Car sounds(some car have originals,some dont...Infernus-SLR McLaren has
original,but Buffalo-Viper SRT10,has the same sound ^.^)

#NEW CJ's clothes(T-shirts,hoodys,tatoos,shoes,accesories,etc)...

#New CJ's face(don't worry-change your beard or whatever-all haircuts
have been replaced by new-cleaner looking face)

#NEW PEDS(A lot peds ^.^...Gang colours remains the same,just better look)

#NEW BUILDINGS(A lot buildings ^.^...New roads too...)

#NEW OBJECTS(Picture frames,food,money,gym stuff,mobilephone,etc)

#OPTIMAZED GAMEPLAY(A lot Edited ^.^...Edited-peds,shop prices,
car handlings,etc)

#Optimazed Performance(visual range a little bit,peds &vehicle count,
edited eax.dll for sound problems)

Thats all...Just kiddin' ^.^ :D:D

none spoilers,hoods,bumper,etc cause game crashes very often,but a lot
paintjobs,and all new rims.Whanted tunnig?Go play some NFS ^.^...
AND-you car control car lights now by pressing "L"
and NoS control just like NFS by pressing LMB...)

You can also open up the file named *stream.ini* in your GTA-SA dir and edit your
RAM memory on the two top lines like this:

Open the file whit "notpad"

If you have 1GB Ram
memory 1000000
devkit_memory 1000000


If you have 512MB Ram
memory 500000
devkit_memory 500000

And so on...

Ofcourse,there always a problem,but I'm looking foward to fix them ;)
So keep an eye for any updates :)
Enjoy this mod!!! ;)


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MEGA Converation Pack v2

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