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Insanity CJ 2021 Ultimate Edition for Android

Author: Pranjit Das & Ezekiel_RN | Email
Date: 05.05.2021
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Insanity CJ 2021 Ultimate Edition


* Original model by: Rockstar Games.
* Remastered by: Ezekiel_RN.
* Edited & Modified by: Pranjit Das.

(Please note: Since Ezekiel_RN left modding a long time ago, so now there is no way to ask him for the permission. But I still give full credits to him and all of the other authors, so there is nothing wrong about the mod at all)



Hello guys and today I'm presenting one of my most biggest mod for GTA SA Android. So as you guys already know, that there are very few player.img mods for GTA SA Android that actually works properly. Most of them have unfinished or glitched clothes, and the lack of many important features like special outfits and haircuts, that cause a lot of problems during some of the storyline missions.

But in this one, you'll have no problems like that at all. Based on the legendary mod originally made by Ezekiel_RN, this is one of the best player.img mods ever made for GTA SA Android. Unlike most of the other similar looking mods, this player.img supports almost everything, included all the clothes, all the haircuts, full bodybuilding, all special outfits and almost everything like the default model of CJ.

No bugs or crashes, looks really nice with Ezekiel_RN's Remastered Cutscene Characters. And all the textures are optimised in the same way as the default model of CJ, so you'll not encounter any kind of graphical glitches or bugs at all.



A big thanks to all of the amazing peoples, who originally made these clothes and models. Their names are listed below:

* Ezekiel_RN
* VendettaHD

And credits also goes to Rockstar Games as well, as it is based on the default model of CJ. But the rest of the things, included the new textures and rearranging of all the clothes were done by me (Pranjit Das).


For more information, see Readme.txt in archive!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a nice day!

Pranjit Das.

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Insanity CJ 2021 Ultimate Edition for Android
Insanity CJ 2021 Ultimate Edition for Android Insanity CJ 2021 Ultimate Edition for Android Insanity CJ 2021 Ultimate Edition for Android Insanity CJ 2021 Ultimate Edition for Android Insanity CJ 2021 Ultimate Edition for Android

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