Drive Thru Cutscenes Fix

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Date: 30.03.2021
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We know that there are mistakes in many cutscenes in the Rockstar games gta series. I thought of fixing this and did it (on cutscene camera mistakes). Now let me list what has been fixed.

Drive Thru Intro:
In the last part, only the camera is a little higher. I did this to avoid showing the characters stepping in the air. It was the only solution, as I could not get a good result even though I tried animation editing. Don't use the sweet2a.dat file if you don't want to use it.

Drive Thru Big Smoke's Order:
The famous t-pose has been fixed. so now the characters are in the car and close to the next scene, they don't appear suddenly in the car.
Fixed CJ's mouth being puckered for only 1 millisecond when speaking to Sweet. (Weird how his mouth is like that in a millisecond) :
Fixed Cj's mouth not moving on his last speech.
Balla members have been added inside the Voodoo.
Fixed Characters disappeared in the last frame.

I recommend two these mods for more enhanced cutscene.

The Real Number 9 by Sam1337:

Beta Leftovers Fix by MrFinger(I used csryder texture but I cleared mipmaps for get rid of pixels. and csGreenwood and CsVoodoo):

How to install:
Don't use modloader! It doesn't support Cuts.img.
Import all the files anim/cuts.img (Alci's Img Editor Recommended)
Don't forget Rebuild archive after import.

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Drive Thru Cutscenes Fix
Drive Thru Cutscenes Fix Drive Thru Cutscenes Fix Drive Thru Cutscenes Fix Drive Thru Cutscenes Fix Drive Thru Cutscenes Fix Drive Thru Cutscenes Fix

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