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GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1

Author: Cleoude
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Date: 30.03.2021
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So finally I made the v1 version. I tried to add a lot of features without errors.

You could drink only in the bar but now you can drink in the dance club, strip clubs and casinos too.
Bartenders will vary depending on your location.
Info box added. (But Mod is buggy in strip clubs, I couldn't find solution)
You can drink for $ 15. But if you don't have money, you can't drink.
The sound of the drunk effect has been changed.
Stages of drinking added. you will get more drunk with each next stage.
When you are very drunk, it will be difficult for you to walk, stand and drive.
Slowmotion Added.
Your health will increase when you drink but If you drink too much, you will black out.
After the blackout and after hours you'll be oozing somewhere in the middle of nowhere.(It is determined depending on unlock the cities. You will puke after getting up. CJ will say he's not feeling good.
You can't Jump or sprint drive normal a while.
Radio stations are muted.

How to install:
1. Method:
Use modloader and drag Drunk Effect folder into modloader folder.
2. Method
Put the cleo and data file into the game. (If your animgrp.dat file is edited, add the lines manually to animgrp.dat from data/manual.txt)
Add the file in the add to gta3.img folder to gta3.img.

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GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1
GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1 GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1 GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1 GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1 GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1 GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1 GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1

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