Touge Pack V5.0 Final (SAMP)

Author: TeamCB
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Date: 06.02.2021
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Note: If you want to convert some maps before we convert to the mobile version, you need to discuss with us first, even if it’s in the comment area.
Contains the following Touges:
1.Usui Pass (Assetto Corsa)
2.Akagi (Initial D Arcade Stage 3)
3.Tsuchisaka (Initial D Arcade Stage 3)
4.Tsuchisaka (Initial D Arcade Stage 8)
5.Tsubaki Line (Initial D Arcade Stage 8)
6.Nagao (rFactor 1)
7.Tsukuba (Assetto Corsa)
8.Akina (Initial D Arcade Stage 3)
9.Akina Snow (Assetto Corsa)
10.Shomaru (rFactor 1)
11.Nanohanadai (rFactor 1)(incomplete)
12.Irohasaka (Assetto Corsa)
13.Happogahara (Initial D Arcade Stage 3)
14.Akina (Initial D Arcade Stage Zero)
15.Myogi (rFactor 1)
16.Hakone Turnpike*

*Hakone Tunepike is converted by Supr1k & Racing Cars Cult RCC of MTASA.
For some reasons, we originally planned to convert by ourselves,
but we did not, so we used his work.
If you are one of those two (Supr1k & Racing Cars Cult RCC) and feel very dissatisfied,
you can ask us to delete it from the Touge Pack...

1.Converter:TeamCB (Except for Hakone Turnpike)
2.All is free
3.Some maps may have bugs, so if you find them, you can report to us
4.This version of the Touge Pack has not really been completed, because it was a duo completed before the establishment of the TeamCB team.
Since the establishment of TeamCB, we have released the old version of Touge Pack,
and then started a new job to re-create the Touge Pack.
Although it may take a long time for the new Touge Pack to be officially released, we can guarantee that all models use the most refined models.
So please look forward to it.
5.The Touge Pack has only been tested on SAMP, we don’t know whether it will run normally in singleplayer.
However, is it not good to enjoy the time of racing or drifting in Touge in SAMP with friends?

######About us######
TeamCB is a team of professional production cars, MOD, Founded on December 21, 2020.
The members are all Chinese, but we are happy to share our achievements with players all over the world.
If you like our work, please join our Discord to receive the new release as soon as possible, or discuss or chat with us.

Discord link:
Thank you for downloading this mod!

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Touge Pack V5.0 Final (SAMP)
Touge Pack V5.0 Final (SAMP) Touge Pack V5.0 Final (SAMP) Touge Pack V5.0 Final (SAMP) Touge Pack V5.0 Final (SAMP) Touge Pack V5.0 Final (SAMP) Touge Pack V5.0 Final (SAMP) Touge Pack V5.0 Final (SAMP)

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