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FPS Camera view in CSA file for Android

Author: неизвестен (unknown)
Date: 19.12.2020
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Filesize: 3.063 MB

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This mode official Author is
:- неизвестен (unknown)
Mode was made in 2017
•there 2 modes in rar so paste 1 from both
•FPS Freely Car view and other FPS Locked Car view (I worked on Locked car view script so in car cam don't move)
•but original mode is FPS freely Car view that again I like alot more then my Locked view.
That original I was found, why upload here?
Because I search alot and couldn't find perfect FPS mode on net but luckily I found this mode, This mode amazing easy to aim to kill anyone just click on him and shoot even ur gun not set on him. At this website this mode will never lost again thanks to official moder:- неизвестен (unknown)

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FPS Camera view in CSA file for Android
FPS Camera view in CSA file for Android FPS Camera view in CSA file for Android

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