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GTA 5 Security Van Heist V1 (Old)

Author: Cleoude
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Date: 09.11.2020
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The random event is like gta 5.
All nearby Security Vans are shown as a green blip on the map. There is a green arrow on the vehicles.
Random event will fail if you move away from vehicles, enter a mission, or vehicles wrecked.
Vehicles are armored and explosion proof. But they aren't bulletproof.
There are many ways to start the random event:
Stealing the vehicle
Shooting, damaging, hitting the vehicle.
Throwing explosive material at the rear of the vehicle. (Grenade, Satchel, Missile).
If random event is started, you will have 2 star wanted level.
Security guards will attack you or try to escape.
The doors at the rear of the vehicle cannot be opened. but when we blow them up they will open and the money will pickup. Your wanted level will increase. Random event ends when you get the money.
Money will be around 1.000 and 1.000.000 dollars.

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GTA 5 Security Van Heist V1 (Old)
GTA 5 Security Van Heist V1 (Old) GTA 5 Security Van Heist V1 (Old) GTA 5 Security Van Heist V1 (Old)

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