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Project SA_Profesia - Remastered Timecyc v3 for Android

Author: Pranjit Das | Email
Date: 05.11.2020
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Project SA_Profesia for GTA SA Android


Hello guys and today I'm presenting an all new updated version of my Project SA_Profesia Remastered Timecyc for GTA San Andreas Android! So in this new version, there are a lot of changes and improvements made to the timecyc. Such as the new cloudy weathers, now during cloudy and foggy weathers, the sky becomes white in day times, and black in night times, just like in real life. Not only that, but this version also have a lot of other fixes and improvements too.

Previously, the sky start to becoming brighter from around 6-7AM, which is very realistic since in real life, it start to becoming brighter already from around 3-4AM. But in this version, no more dark sky around 4AM. Now around 3-4AM, it start to becoming brighter, and around 5-6AM it's almost completely day times. These are some of the major changes that weren't present in any of the previous versions, this is for the first time a timecyc with weather settings exactly like in real life.

Fully tested and no bugs found by me, all weathers are perfectly working without any problems, and you can even play the storyline. But it is recommended to try it first on a clean game, and please don't use any other graphics mod like ENB or something else with this timecyc since it could cause random issues.



What's new in this version:

* Added brighter sky around 3-4AM.
* Added white sky during cloudy weathers.
* Added more realistic and natural weathers.

* Realistic sunrise.
* Realistic sunset.
* Realistic morning.
* Realistic day times.
* Realistic dark night.
* Inspired from GTA V.


For more information, see Readme.txt in archive!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a nice day!

Pranjit Das.

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Project SA_Profesia - Remastered Timecyc v3 for Android
Project SA_Profesia - Remastered Timecyc v3 for Android Project SA_Profesia - Remastered Timecyc v3 for Android Project SA_Profesia - Remastered Timecyc v3 for Android

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