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Shell Casing Sound Mod V2

Author: Cleoude
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Date: 16.10.2020
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There are handgun(9mm), shotgun(12 gauge) and rifle shell casing sound types. (In its full version it targeted many types of shells. But since it doesn't have more sounds, I simplified it. Another reason is that the shell casing sound works according to the slot of the weapon you have so that the addon weapons work. So it is compatible with addon weapons.)

Shell casing sounds relative to the ground and water.(Concrete,gravel,sand,wood,dirt,metal,glass but not in video.
This feature has also been simplified for the 1st reason in the previous feature.)

The volume of the sound and the fall time are calculated according to the height of the ground of the falling projectile. But it does not depend on the shell particle in the game. (Including the Shell mode by Ryosuke that I use in the video. In Shell mode, if you shoot down at a very high place, the shell may fall to the ground and no sound may be heard. It is necessary to manually add the shell to addon weapons.You can download the mod here and you can edit shell_weapon.json with notepad or notepad ++ etc.


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Shell Casing Sound Mod V2

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