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Car Controller

Author: MatiDragon
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Date: 24.08.2020
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# en-US
This one is self explanatory...
If you press X-button, you will control X-area
|key |controls |
|--- |-------- |
|\`7\` |Forward |
|\`Y/U\` |Forward Left/Right |
|\`H/J\` |Left/Right Back |
|N |Back |

|key |controls
|------- |-------------
| 7 |Forward
| Y/U | Forward L/R
| H/ J |L/R Back
| N |Back

##### And with each arrow you will achieve a different result, such as:

* Open/Close a door
* Open/Close a chest
* Add/Remove paint layer
* Add/Remove Primary Color
* Add/Remove secondary color
* Add/Remove nitro
* Add/Remove hydraulic suspension
* Stop/Start the engine
* Turn off/on lights
* Destroy/Repair a door
* Destroy/Repair a window
* Destroy/Repair a chest
* Destroy/Repair a tire
* Destroy/Repair a lighthouse
* Change seat

#### Note

* It is translatable from the * .fxt file.
* The cleo contains the source code so that you can see how it is done, with the high level syntax.
* In this version the option to be configured from a * .ini was removed due to incompatibility generated by most of the CLEOS mods, but you can reactivate it by editing its code (the lines are commented)


# es-AR
Este se explica por si mismo...
Si precionas X-boton, controlaras X-area
|tecla |controla
|------- |-------------
| 7 |Adelante
| Y/U | I/D Adelante
| H/ J |I/D Atras
| N |Atras

##### Y con cada flecha lograras diferente resultado, como:

* Abrir/Cerrar una puerta
* Abrir/Cerrar un cofre
* Agregar/Quitar capa de pintura
* Agregar/Quitar color primario
* Agregar/Quitar color secundario
* Agregar/Quitar nitro
* Agregar/Quitar suspension hidraulica
* Apagar/Encender el motor
* Apagar/Encender las luces
* Destruir/Reparar una puerta
* Destruir/Reparar una ventana
* Destruir/Reparar un cofre
* Destruir/Reparar un neumatico
* Destruir/Reparar un faro
* Cambiar de asiento

#### Nota

* Es traducible desde el archivo *.fxt.
* El cleo contiene el codigo fuente para que vean como esta echo, con la sintaxis de alto nivel.
* En esta version se quito la opcion de ser configurado desde un *.ini por incompatibilidad que generan la mayoria de los CLEOS mods, pero puedes reactivarlo editando su codigo (las lineas estan comentadas)

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Car Controller
Car Controller

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