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GTA: Episodes From Vice City [DYOM] [GTA EFVC] VE1.1

Author: BobAyman
Date: 25.07.2020
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Major DYOM Storyline with lots of changes.
That's not just a DYOM Storyline only, but it will change other things like:
HUD, Radar icons, Cars, Some sound effects and much more!

VE1.1 Update Changelog:
- HUD Clock
- Optional GTA VC Radio Stations
- New Loading Screens
- Some mods from vE1.0 became optional for you, they're not installed by default.
- Some mods have been removed to reduce crashing possibilities.
- Added Vice City peds by @Ace-King74
- Missions 10 & 11 have been edited for easier and better gameplay.
- All the Missions now have small/normal/big changes.
- The Sniper rifle has a better texture now.
- Some of the changes from @Ethmods 's mod (Patch to San Vice) have been applied now in the mod.
- Small menu/HUD changes.
- Better Timecyc.dat (Edited patch to San Vice timecyc.dat).
- You don't have to set the brightness to 6. You can now play at the game's default brightness.
- Widescreen fix is now installed within the mod. So the HUD now is supposed to be in its original design.
- The setup version is the default method now for easier installation.
- It's now one setup file that installs everything instead of 2 setup files.

Short Story Introduction:
Five years later... After 1986... After Tommy Vercetti had taken over all Vice City...
Comes our hero, a guy from San Fierro named Steve wanted to go to his brother in Vice City.
When he goes, he finds out that his brother had
lots of debts!
Those debts have to be repayed to Vercetti after he had all the city properties.
What will happen after that?!
What will Steve do with Tommy?!
Welcome to GTA: Episodes From Vice City.

(You must have San Vice modification on GTA San Andreas)

(The mod is still in Early Access. So you may face some bugs and crashes)

(From VE1.1, The Setup method is the default method of installation. If you want another method, download it from the other sites that have the mod only shown on the mods' GTAForums page below)

Don't forget to visit the mod's official GTAForums page from here:

And also, visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel that contains updates of the mod and any content relates to that:

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GTA: Episodes From Vice City [DYOM] [GTA EFVC] VE1.1
GTA: Episodes From Vice City [DYOM] [GTA EFVC] VE1.1 GTA: Episodes From Vice City [DYOM] [GTA EFVC] VE1.1 GTA: Episodes From Vice City [DYOM] [GTA EFVC] VE1.1 GTA: Episodes From Vice City [DYOM] [GTA EFVC] VE1.1 GTA: Episodes From Vice City [DYOM] [GTA EFVC] VE1.1

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