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IronMan Endgame CLEO Mod

Author: Apus11 Modding
Website | Email
Date: 23.06.2020
Downloads: 28631 | Statistics
Filesize: 36.517 MB

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-------------------(IronMan Endgame Mod By Apus11)---------------------

Author = (Apus11) <<<<<

Special Thanks To Kelvin17
Special Thanks To Modded Play
:I Given Cleo And Modloader Rar File From This You Can Install Cleo And Modloader Just Copy All File
And Paste To Gta SA Root Folder Then Replace You Must...
:You Must Installed Cleo 4 And Modloader //If You Haven't Installed,I given In My Mod Install From There
:Import Skins And Stuff In gta3.img Through Using Alci's img Editor
:Replace the Mod's Cleo Folder In Gta Sa Cleo Folder
:Put IronMan Endgame Mod File Into Modloader Only//Enjoy!!

:Type "Iman" To Enable Mod Then Again To Disable
:Press P button For Shortcut Conrollers And Information
:Before Select The Power You Can Use it By Pressing Rmb+Lmb
:You Can Get Notification For How To Use The Power You Selected
:Type "Keys" To Open Keys Menu , Q And E To Move Menu Page Then F To Close

-------[Models by His Respective Authors]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
:IronMan EndGame Skin By Laxxter
:IronMan EndGame Swords And Ultra BackRep Skin By MrAndres5555
:IronMan EndGame Weapons Models By Aperture Gamer
:IronMan EndGame BackRepulsor Skin And Animations Improved By Modded Play
:HulkBuster Skin By USF Mods

:Must Installed Original Gta san Andreas
:Coution!!! = Please Only Install Ironman Endgame Mod And Clean the Other Mod Before use

:Mark Suit Up Animation By 007Ripper
:BackRepulsor Animation By Modded Play

:I'm Gta sa Cleo Scripter And Author Of This Mod You Can Read More About Me//At My Blog
:And Support Me For The Better Experience
:At The Contacts Are Given Below

:Version 1.0
:Some Features And More Powers Are Under Developing.....
:Next Version 1.1 Coming Soon............................................

:Facebook =\apus11
:gtainside =\profile\Apus11_Modding
:Blogspot =
:Youtube = apus11\
----------------------------------------------------[Finish (By Apus11)]-------------------------------------

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IronMan Endgame CLEO Mod
IronMan Endgame CLEO Mod IronMan Endgame CLEO Mod IronMan Endgame CLEO Mod IronMan Endgame CLEO Mod IronMan Endgame CLEO Mod IronMan Endgame CLEO Mod IronMan Endgame CLEO Mod

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