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GTA SA Beta Edition for Android

Author: cacahuete
Date: 14.03.2020
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the beta of the game for your phone as faithful as possible to the original and to the PC mods
Beta skins
Beta vehicles (using as leftovers that are seen in the game files official screenshots and the strategic guide)
Rumpo Dashhound (bus)
Coach Cadrona
Emperor (police and civil) Patriot
Tornado Taxi
Tahoma Bus
Idaho Blista
Kuruma among others if you want to see all the changes play it I won't tell you all duh
Beta mechanics
As the adrenaline massacres and the packages of Vice City go out with big bear skewers of the police among others
The gangs with their beta skins and 2 restored, the motorcyclists and the Russian mafia (gangs that don't appear)
Beta interiors
Now you can access the San fierro police station or have the mullholand apartment with the interior of the beta, isn't that great?
Beta mapping
Things that were not implemented in the state map have been brought back (be careful not to recreate the entire map)
Beta weapons
Cj beta
And finally beta audios and animations
Obviously not all content is mine therefore credits
Beta Productions
Vadim M
Wajahat Munir
I hope you like to work hard on this and try to be as faithful to the original and the PC mods and adding a personal touch that sets it apart from others and as I already said I base myself on pre-launch video images and game files and the Brady games guide

Los peatones y policías ya no dejan caer dinero y armas al morir pero se puede resolver eliminando los cleos de las masacres la adrenalina y los paquetes secretos
De la misma forma existe posibilidad de que ya no puedas guardar la partida en la casa de mullholand o que al intentar entrar acabes en el interior original
Esos son todos los Bugs, si descubren uno nuevo comentarlo no está mal
Pedestrians and policemen no longer drop money and weapons when they die but can be solved by eliminating the cleos of the massacres, the adrenaline and the secret packages
In the same way there is a possibility that you can no longer save the game in the mullholand house or that when you try to enter you end up in the original interior
Those are all the Bugs, if they discover a new one, commenting on it is not bad

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GTA SA Beta Edition for Android
GTA SA Beta Edition for Android GTA SA Beta Edition for Android GTA SA Beta Edition for Android GTA SA Beta Edition for Android GTA SA Beta Edition for Android GTA SA Beta Edition for Android GTA SA Beta Edition for Android

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