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GTA V Style Diving Final

Author: Cleoude
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Date: 06.02.2020
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No dive on the ground anymore.Beta version has dive/land the ground.
It does not require jumping.(fixed)
When you are above water, You will dive.
After you climb a railing(for example santa maria beach) you will dive.
I edited new animations,because dam_jump animation is special for Dam and Blast mission.
Dam_Launch=Dive_Launch (I cut before diving,In rockstar animation,Before Cj's diving, He is opening his arms.I made direct diving animation.)
Dam_Land=Dive_Land water (In rockstar animation Cj was diving very caused trouble in low water levels.I combined with Para_Land_Water animation.)
You can dive any high distances.
If you are too low or on the ground and the water level is low, you cannot dive.
If you accidentally fall into the ground while diving into the water, your health will decrease. maybe you might die.
Low water level, if you fall to the ground, diving will fail.
If your current weapon is parachute, You cannot diving.Even if you started dive, you use parachute.
If you died, diving will stop.
If you above a boat, you can't dive.(fixed)Even if you jump.
If your current weapon is parachute, you can't dive.


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GTA V Style Diving Final
GTA V Style Diving Final GTA V Style Diving Final GTA V Style Diving Final GTA V Style Diving Final GTA V Style Diving Final

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