Big Gangster V 12

Author: gtaga3ie1
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Date: 08.02.2020
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This is a mod dedicated to adding more gang members and factions to your GTA SA
1.Import the files of the GTA3.IMG folder into your GTA3.img file with any img editor.
2.Put the files of the GTA SA Direct folder into the folder, where your gta_sa.exe is.
Make sure you got CLEO4 installed.

Jeansowaty - Main manufacturing of most of the contents
Mariojoao / Juan 16 - Peds / Co-Leading
Jinx - Peds
// XP // - Peds
Onlinegamehunter1 - Ideas / support, peds, weapons (future updates)
Ric-013 - Encoding
OrionSR - Coding
TheR3MAK3R - Peds (future updates)
Kalvin - An SMF Member Template
Dyabda - peds FAM21, FAM22, FAM23, FAM24, BALLAS4, BALLAS5, BALLAS6
Gabriel (gtaga3ie1) - Other new peds of TDF, SMF, SBF, FAMSUP (GPF), VLA, TRIAD, KTB, FYB, TDB, RHB, LSV (16,19-30), SFR (22-30), adaptation for downtown families (FAM 101 - 110).
Code adaptation and bug resolution cj transparent.
new cleo scripts Neo Ballas, Neo Families, Neo Aztecas, Neo Danangboys, Neo Mafia, Neo Rifas, Neo Vagos, Neo Triads
New gang attack icons with collision repairs when enemy gangs attack and define fastman92 are limited to an ajuster.
Corrections in the Cleo Cop script.
one of developers - LSV17
Ratoncillo - LSV-31-40 and some Aztec pedestrians, New Florelis
Lil Fam- Alguns peds e base peds das famílias, Aztecas, Da Nang Boys, Leone Families, orange families, New Triads,
Russian7-30, Bikers 9-30
Eskage- Alguns peds e base peds de familias, Aztecas, Da Nang Boys, orange families, new triads, Bikers 31-40
Catfromnesbox - Script Cop Cleo (Policefix)
Silent - Extend Gang War and Charger Sielent Asi
Fastman92 - fastman92 limit ajuster
Redreaper666, YHDF, Ermaccer peds converted from GTAVC, GTALC and GTA3
Jeansowaty some Italians
flaqko0833 - Base .dff and .txd FAM 101 to FAM110
Junior_Djjr - Big Gangster mod.FXT

WARNING: If you try to open a saved game with a SA GTA without the fastman92 limit, it will not work,
because some of the icone's fault-correction settings generate conflicts in the game except that it makes it
impossible to load them in GTA SA without the fastman92 limit ajuster.

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Big Gangster V 12
Big Gangster V 12 Big Gangster V 12 Big Gangster V 12 Big Gangster V 12 Big Gangster V 12 Big Gangster V 12 Big Gangster V 12

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