Long Range Gunshot

Author: rys995_
Date: 25.01.2020
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Changelogs :

V3 (16/02/2020)
1. Pistols, Shotguns, SMG Weapons and Assault Rifle accuracy has been decreased for realistic shooting.
2. All Weapons except throwables, melee weapons, minigun, RPG and Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher now have 75% damage increase (I can't doubles the damage because it can cause game crashes)
3. Some weapons have bigger clip capacity (Pistol and Silenced Pistol have 20 clip capacity, Spas 12 has 8 clip capacity, MP5 and AK47 have 40 clip capacity)
4. Rocket Launcher, Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher and Minigun shooting distance have been increased.

V2 (29/01/2020)
1. Modified damage for all weapons except throwables, melee weapons, minigun, RPG and Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher by 10-50% for each Weapon Skill Level (available at different presets, and default 'weapons.dat' in 'Long Range Gunshot' folder uses 20% damage preset)

2. Re-adjusted Pistols for better gameplay (also included at damage presets)
- Dual-Wielded less accurate than first version, Desert Eagle more accurate although it's still have recoil but not too much like the first version of this mod

V1 (25/01/2020)
First Release


Hello, this is my first mod, I created this mod from 'weapon.dat' original game file. Because often playing GTA San Andreas, but getting easily bored with gunshots that have limited range (especially Lock-On and Maximum Range)

I try experimenting various distance and accuracy to find the best value for each gun, because changing the maximum shot distance and lock-on distance can also change a Weapon Accuracy.

For example : M4 has 65.0 float Lock-On Range, 85.0 float Maximum Range, and 1.5f/1.75f/2.0f (Poor/Gangster/Hitman) Accuracy Value. If I increase Lock-On and Maximum Range float to 500.0, that weapon will have maximum accuracy even on Poor Skill Level, in the other means no recoil. To avoid that, I make changes to the Accuracy Value for each Skill Level and make sure the gun still have a recoil as like as original game.

Disclaimer : Make sure your 'weapons.dat' in your GTA SA directory files remain untouched/unmodded. I don't responsible if my mod breaks your game because your original file have been modded or you have other mod that incompatible with my mod!

Installation (recommended using Modloader) :
1. Before extracting the archive, make sure you have latest version of archive software (WinRAR, 7-zip, etc.)
2. Download and Extract archieve content into your drive.
3. Copy the Folder 'Long Range Gunshot' into your GTA SA modloader directory. (If you have V1 version, you can replace it, because I don't change a folder name for this mod if I created a new version of this mod)
4. Play the game.

Any critics or suggestions will be apreciated :)
Sorry for my bad English :)

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Long Range Gunshot
Long Range Gunshot Long Range Gunshot

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