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Ultimate Luffy for Android

Author: Isaac Bryan Ikram
Date: 24.01.2020
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Activate "1. Luffy.csi" from cleo menu, after activating it press X to transform into luffy. After transform into luffy press 1+7 so you can move.

Luffy Melee Combos: Near Ped
You can do this combo in gear 2 mode too

1+6 Luffy kick

1+9 Gomu-gomu bullet

1+7 (4x) basic combo

1+7 (2x) then 1+4 to send your opponent to fly

1+7 (2x) then 1+8 (2x) punch and kick combo

1+7 (2x) then 1+8 (2x) then 1+4 punch and kick and then send your opponent to fly

1+7 (2x) then 1+8 (2x) then 1+6 and then 1+9 to finish your opponent

you can also combine {1+7 (2x) then 1+8 (2x) then 1+6} with Luffy attack that I am gonna tell you below.

Luffy Attack 1; ps:You cannot do this on gear 2 mode

2+4: Gatling 1

2+6:Bazooka 1

5+7: Gatling 2

5+9: Bazooka 2

6+8: Elephant Pistol

6+9: Red Hawk

4+7: Elephant Gatling

4+8: Grizzly Magnum

Luffy Attack 2: You can only do this in gear 2 mode. Press 7+9 to activate gear 2

5+7: Jet Gatling

5+9: Jet Bazooka

6+8: Jet Pistol

6+9: Triple Jet Pistols

Press 7+9 again to change into normal mode, after that press 1+7 so you can move

Press 6+7 in normal mode to change into CJ, and then press 1+7 to close.

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Ultimate Luffy for Android
Ultimate Luffy for Android Ultimate Luffy for Android Ultimate Luffy for Android

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