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Achievements And Trophies V1

Author: DanillaJust
Date: 18.01.2020
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Achievements And Trohpies (beta):

I present you a system of achievements straight from the consoles! With this modification, all 34 (why 34, not 33, I'll explain later) achievements will come back to you!

Pass them will need to be the same as on consoles. Anyway, I tried to make this modification as much as possible on my prototype from consoles. However, there are some differences (mostly small ones), one of them is the modified design of the notification of achievement (the consoles used the corporate style and the Xbox and PlayStation logo respectively, the system of achievements was associated with them, on the PC it is not) .

All 34 achievements are returned. In fact, in each version of the game there are 33 of them, but on the Xbox 360 there is an achievement Trickster , and on the PlayStation in its place there is an achievement The Key to San Andreas . This modification allows you to go through and get both of them (although they do not have some necessary icons), so there are 34.

this or this pages. Let me remind you that this modification transfers them to the PC in exactly the same way. However, if I did something wrong, you can write, and I'll fix it (so I advise you not to forget about this page after downloading the file and sometimes to go to it again - an update may appear).

To open a window with achievements, you need to hold Tab (the default action key) and then CapsLock (this key can not be reassigned). When you press the Tab key, one more window will appear above the Statistics window to enter the Achievements menu. This can only be done if you do not drive any vehicle (at the time this window appears, the system of achievements is not updated and will resume its work and can not give you achievements as soon as the player removes a finger from the Tab key or sits in some kind of transport means, however, such cases are very rare). Moving on the table - the movement keys. Pressing the spacebar (in general, traditional control) will open the open achievement icon on the whole screen (so you can enjoy its beauty And raise your self-esteem ), Enter - go back or close the window.

For those who can not without a question Well, why do you need this modification? , I will say that accomplishing all the achievements will give you $ 1,000,000 (like bonuses on consoles). Also, the performance of each achievement will give you a small monetary reward equal to the number of points given for this achievement on the consoles (the color of the name of the achievement also uses the cup colors - bronze, silver, gold, platinum). The award can be viewed in the window with the achievements, on the left side.

As a small bonus to the rapid passage, I will say that achivka is considered to have been performed even before the notice of its implementation has appeared, which will allow you, for example, to survive quickly and without excitement and go on to play further.

End of the Line , then you can never get this achievement, because it is obtained during the passage of this mission (only if you do not have a mod installed on the opportunity to redo any mission), and if you have already bought all the real estate, then you can not get an achievement The American Dream , because it is activated when the player buys a house), so with this modification it will be advisable to start a new game. Progress for each conservation, of course, its own.

Download and enjoy replenishing the list of what can be done in the game! I did my best.
Achievement And Trophies V1 By DanillaJust:

I just add some colors and remastred texture for icons and i translate all russian language with new english fxt file for enjoy the game more and more if some modders want to add some fixes don't miss our authority.

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Achievements And Trophies V1
Achievements And Trophies V1 Achievements And Trophies V1 Achievements And Trophies V1 Achievements And Trophies V1 Achievements And Trophies V1 Achievements And Trophies V1 Achievements And Trophies V1

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