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SA_Reborn Redux for Mobile

Author: Zmods64
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Date: 22.12.2019
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"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."
-Rober F. Kennedy

Yo guyz! I'm back with the new version of SA_Reborn the SA_Reborn Redux! This version has updated lighting and reflections and has new features that is not present in the old version. This Redux version was inspired by SA_Redux Mod for PC. I know the first version is not like ENB so i decided to update this make a brand new timecyc etc... just to make it look like the graphic enhanced like ENBs

New Timecyc
Timecyc Rebuild from Scratch
Realistic Reflection
Brighter Lighting
Realistic Dark Shadows
Beautiful Dark Night Time
Water Trash
Realistic Moving Volumetric Clouds
Unlimited Nitro
ENB like Rain Effects
Water Ripple(Only when rain)
No Need of Skybox
Lightning Effect
Rain Puddles(will disappear over the time)
Fixed Shadow Bug on Water Puddle
Brand New Effects
Blue Transparent Water
New Sunflare
New Realistic Moon
ENB Sun Simulation Effect
Added Copyright Text
And more

I recommend you to set the time to 12:00 for the best graphics

Recommended Mods to combine with:
IV LS Retexture
San Fierro Mafia Textures
SAUR Road & Sidewalk
Read the Recommended Mods file for the links

Note #1:
The Water Ripple & Lightning Mod is only active when you activate the rainyweather cleo cheat and it will not work with the set weather stormy weather

Note #2:
I renamed the Water Ripple Mod & Cloudy 0.5b into csa since you will need to activate it in cleo menu if it's csi.

Note #3:
This mod is for High End Devices only.

Note #4:
Do not delete the "Do not delete.csa" & "Do not delete.fxt" files or you will get crash

The Cloud Height is too low so you can encounter some clouds in the roads
Since ZCloud is still not compatible for Oreo I did not include it in the Package

Expect Update after the ZCloud is compatible with oreo :) I will fix the Cloud bug

I edited the Timecyc manually with a mobile phone with great efforts it took hours before even perfecting it. So please appreciate it :)

Now Support Android Oreo

I used SAAExten 3.4 to avoid crash on Android Oreo users(I'm also an Oreo user)

Installation? Read the README & Installation file! Don't be lazy!

The Gameplay will be out soon :)

+Gajah Bertelur
Bisma Candra
Tlog Daheng
Aditya Wildan
Zauki Firdaus
Muhammad Zauki
Maragaku Channel

Special Thanks to:
Storm Lexer

If you want to showcase this mod on your youtube channel use the GTAInside Link! Do not Reupload and Give me Credits! Use ANDROID ZMODS for Credit and give the link of my Youtube Channel which is on my Userpage!

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SA_Reborn Redux for Mobile
SA_Reborn Redux for Mobile SA_Reborn Redux for Mobile SA_Reborn Redux for Mobile SA_Reborn Redux for Mobile SA_Reborn Redux for Mobile SA_Reborn Redux for Mobile SA_Reborn Redux for Mobile

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