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SnowFX 4.0

Author: oCain | Email
Date: 05.12.2019
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New unofficial version of the script that adds to GTA SA snowfall. Snowfall replaces rain in the game, but you can also activate it manually by pressing ctrl + NUM+ and ctr; + NUM - (keys can be changed in the INI file). The script is sharpened to work in a single game and in SAMP.

Full list of features:

* Optimized script code, now it works much faster.
* From the code of the original script removed spawn NRG500 on the map.
* Improved switching between snowfall types.
* Fixed a bug of the original script, which led the game to crash upon activation of the snow, when the player has not despawned.
* Fixed a bug in the original script where snow could fall in the interiors.
* In the lower right corner of the screen added a scale that shows the current level of snowfall. The scale is displayed only when you pinch the left ctrl.
* Added an option to automatically replace rain with one of the four types of snowfall (the function is configured in the SnowFX-Config file.ini, rain parameter. 1-on., 0-off. That is ENABLED by default).
* Added option to save current snowfall settings when exiting the game (feature configurable in SnowFX-Config.ini, save parameter. 1-on., 0-off., OFF by default).
* Fixed incompatibility of the script with CLEO hoods and other scripts that display textures on the screen.
* Fixed crash of textures on the screen during the game with SnowFX running under certain circumstances.
* Removed all global variables that could cause SnowFX to conflict with other scripts and cause game crashes.
* Fixed a bug with screen dimming in single player missions after using SnowFX.
* Added INI file where you can change snowfall control keys.
* Added ability to enable and disable script logo via INI file (incl. by default.)
* The script will be instantly disabled if any SnowFX files are renamed or missing.

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SnowFX 4.0
SnowFX 4.0 SnowFX 4.0

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