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Terminator 3 Arnold Battle Damaged Skin (Android)

Author: Saito Moreno, Player9646
Date: 10.11.2019
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Original skin:
He is Back!!! Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger Battle Damaged mod.
This Skin mod have not been edited but it was a "Terminator 3: The Redemption" skin I guess (due to his skinless arm and legs part in a opposite position by viewing his death scene with the T-X when putting his fuel cell in the mouth of the T-X. in the movie his left arm was skinless and the redemption the damage of his arm and leg in opposite). but the only problem is this skin is a bit dark on Android (try adjusting the brightness of the game.) and short sized then the other skin of Arnold.
converted thanks to "you know who" (Saito Moreno)
I uploaded this skin as a special by the new movie "Terminator: Dark Fate". and no I don't know how to make skins if your going to ask. I also looking for The Young T-800 (1984), T-1000, T-X, and T-3000 (John Connor The Terminator) skins for SA and I wish if someone early makes the new Terminator model which I still don't know its number yet, to GTA SA. I can't have The GTA IV and GTA V yet because I don't have money and my PC Died 1 year ago.
oh the skin is missing a texture named "T3_Arnold_Teeth" if you truly care about it you can make an alias name by one of your owned skin textures that have one (separated, just teeth texture only)

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Terminator 3 Arnold Battle Damaged Skin (Android)
Terminator 3 Arnold Battle Damaged Skin (Android) Terminator 3 Arnold Battle Damaged Skin (Android)

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