Skip Any Mission

Author: andre500
Date: 10.11.2019
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A small patch that activates the function of skipping any mission in GTA San Andreas.
This cheat was demonstrated in the Vadim M video about secret cheat codes in the mobile GTA SA,
but it also works on a regular PC version.
To skip a mission, press Y.
Only works on version 1.0! To install the patch, move the MAIN.SCM and script.
img files along the data / script path
Old saves will work if your game version is 1.0
There is a bug. If you skip driving school (while watching the assignment), then you get stuck in the texture.
In racing missions, you need to wait for the cars to arrive at the race, during the competition you need to press several times Y
(passing each racing "circle") to complete the racing mission.
During the execution of side tasks (the school for driving atomic vehicles, cars, motorcycles, boats), the mod will not work.
In the last mission in its second part (where Sweet is holding on to the ladder of the fire engine), in order to skip it, you need to go outside.
ATTENTION!!! A mod can conflict (in some missions) with some scripts (previously installed by you).
For example, those that can be manipulated by time (07.13.2020.).
Just in case, save copies of your files (from your game). So that in case of problems (after replacement),
you could return your game to its original state.
Update (17.07.2020). Added the ability to level up the character very quickly. For example, in mission "Amphibious Assault" for training (lung capacity),
in order to learn how to stay under water longer, you need to swim under water now for no more than one minute.

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Skip Any Mission
Skip Any Mission

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