John's Plague

Author: Abel Madrona Antón
Date: 01.09.2019
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This strange MOD is from a man named John, member of Grove Street Families, that, unfortunately, was infected by a strange cell, called Clone Cell, what makes each John dead, are born 2 more Johns are born in the world and some of them are born with malformations. This is because the Johns have a white blood type where the Clone Cells act to duplicate 2 Johns when only 1 John dies in contact with the ground. They are innocent, but the police try to capture the Johns by shooting them a tranquilizer in the head, to knock them unconscious and take them to the Sindacco Abattoir of Las Venturas, because it is the only way to kill them there to prevent that born more Johns. In the Sindacco Abattoir there is a kind of vacuum cleaner that sucks all the white blood of the Johns through a syringe that is injected in their heads where there is more presence of white blood, to prevent the Clone Cell from making more duplicates of Johns. After having sucked all that white blood from their bodies, they will proceed to crush them so that they are like a jumble of meat and totally disinfected to then put it on sale only to feed the street animals. And finally, the osseous remains of the Johns will be thrown away and later incinerated.

Remember to make a backup before installation, if you do not want or some unexpected error.

MOD created by: Abel Madrona Antón.

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John's Plague
John's Plague John's Plague John's Plague John's Plague John's Plague John's Plague John's Plague

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