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Infected zone

Author: Tamilll
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Date: 30.07.2019
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-The cleo was made completely in 2013, but soon I start playing other games. I haven't updated this mod for many years since then.
-But today I edit it and now I want to make it public.
-if you think the script code or models should be not published, please contact me to delete it.
-It took me two years to finish this CLEO.
-Watch the videos of this mod:

CLEO Script: Tamill (89%),Internet(11%)
Models: Internet(100%)
Music: Internet(100%)
if you think the script code or models should be not published, please contact me to delete it.

How to Install
1.Open your IMG file tools.
2.Import the files of 'gta3.img' folder to the gta3.img of the game.
3.Save and Exit
4.Install CLEO:
5.Put the files in your GTA SA directory

[How to restore the original game?]
just delete the files in your CLEO directory:

(Excuse me for my poor English)
1.New human AI (should be spawned by you)
3.New Zombie AI
4.Safety Zone System
5.Play the original missions.
6.Random Event System
7.Full Scene Infection Director System (The world filled with zombies)
8.Chat system (just show some text)
9.Background music director system

You can enter cheat to enjoy yourself. -View all the cheat code
2.tpbase -Teleport to the LS police department
3.noai -Open or close AI (Only the new zombie and human AIs are useful)
4.spawnz -Open or close the zombie spawn.
5.cred -Show the credits
6.crazy -Crazy model
7.showz -Show the zombie position on your radar
8.pbgm -play bgm with id
9.npc + npc name -spawn some NPCs (Including the new AI)
10.npcname -show the npc names:
machine, turrent, shana1, shana2, zombie, shana3, helicopter, helic, plane, tank
fplane, ftank, hecu, blackops, pblackops, navy1

update list (The following content all use Google Translate)
2011 - 2013:

197 (2019)
Make the scm version to cleo version.
Temporarily delete all mod missions.

0.3.2 update
The infected zone task compiler is completed and more efficient task production.

Game mission research and development
Add Tasks Windy Action (Infected Zone Task Compiler Sample Works) Enter the command MISS7 to start
Add Task Anti-Police Cofferdam (Infected Zone Task Compiler Sample Works) Enter the command MISS6 to start

New combat mode Deathmatch mode Enter cheat code MISS8 to start
- Better artificial intelligence combat mode
-BOT can be controlled after the player is killed
- A total of 5 maps are available. Players can customize the map.
- Enter cheat code MM replacement camp
- Customizable blue camp refresh point Enter cheat code VB
- Customizable red camp refresh point Enter cheat code VN
- Enter cheat code MM replacement camp

Add more NPC characters (including artificial intelligence) specific role input command NPCNAME view
Increase defense components
Add city safety zone normal pedestrian system
Add City Safety Zone Resident Eruption System
Add safety zone, urban safety zone, military occupied zone, airborne zone
Add zombie holding weapon
Add special zombie type
Add mech BOSS
Add Shana
Add gang combat mission
Fix zombie attack bug
Update description file error resolution
Update installation file structure
Increase the home defense network (not used)
Fix spade action mission end bug
New police base defense system
New automatic turret
Fix the problem of not getting off the vehicle in the case of follow-up artificial intelligence combat
Adjust the player’s teammates will also kneel down
Adjustment, usually AI will shoot down to improve accuracy
Fixed a few bugs in fxt text
Modify Tamil.asi

0.3.1 update:
Simplified Chinese subtitles/drama
-Simplified Chinese subtitles - prologue animation
-Simplified Chinese Subtitles - Golden Gate Bridge
-Simplified Chinese Subtitles - Spades Action
- Simplified Chinese Subtitles - Rescue Operations
-Simplified Chinese UI

Add Tamil folder for C++ programs
Modify the sound folder Tamil folder
Modify Putting internal text into FXT requires CLEO support
Modify the list of crew members Add a list of team members
Modify the arrival speed of the spades action military
Add C++ script launcher Requires ASILoader
Modify most of the story subtitles
Add 6 zombie action actions 3 normal move actions 3 run actions
Cancel Avoiding the replacement of ped.ifp, using TREIZ.ifp imported to gta3.img
Add a caption animation to start the cutscenes narrative
Fix BUG AI without getting off the bus
Fix BUG refreshing chances are too big
Fix some bugs in BUG Spades Action Mission
Fix bug that BUG AI will continue to bite after biting
Fix BUG random rescue task model error crash BUG

Beta 0.30
- The long-made spades action DEMO mission was completed (this took me 2 months)
---69 District Patrol Group
Fix zombie refresh bug (location bug)
Fix the lens and location bug after the crew member table ends
Fix map radar icon problem
Cancel map text black box
The script when the repair task is completed cannot display the bug
Change the background music of the crew
Replace the crew table subtitles
Increase map.sasf.m1 zombie to climb the apron method
Added instruction tpbase to send back to the base
Added instruction playbgm + id to play some debugging background music

Beta 0.29
- console add instruction help
- Console commands: help, cred, clearz, showz, spawnz, crazy, noai,, br, spawnarea, miss + id, blk, bll, te + id, bb + id, rpai
- Repair military AI in random special guard points
- Modify the Marine Corps AI of the garrison bridge and cancel the tank lock so that the soldiers can open the tank.
- New console command te + id generates special NPC groups and establishes NPC refresh points (unlimited brushing, etc.)
- The console manually generates a random garrison point: blk
- The console manually cancels the existing garrison point: bll
- Cancel the default debug
- Players can get some weapons when they enter the game and reborn

Beta 0.25
- Correct the player's position after correcting the crew table
- Improve AIAPI, optimize, increase the number of frames
- Background music changed to low definition, after all, high definition 45M
- Fixed prologue task bug
- Modify the Kill Zombie mission:
--- Added sound effects and subtitles
--- Reduce the enemy target to 30
---Add instruction EXIT to exit the task

Beta 0.23
- Briefly optimize AIAPI and fix several bugs
- Fixed military update point, version 0.22 forgot to add military system script
--- Change the armor refresh point refresh mechanism, time + not refresh in the same place
-Transplanting old version of the mission: Spades action to the infected zone is outdated
-Transplant old version of the mission: Battlefield to the infected zone is outdated
- Optimize to reduce the zombie refresh in the world and increase the frame rate

Beta 0.22
- released as a demo version, subsequent versions are not released as a demo version
- New Human AI Script: In order to improve the battle between humans and zombies, I wrote a lot of code and repeated tests. It took more than half a year.
--- Increase behavior: swimming, climbing obstacles, looking for shelters, avoiding grenade
---Add system: fast moving shots, quickly finding enemy, using vehicles to track enemies (cars, helicopters, ships, fighters, etc.)
---Follow the system: follow the system upgrade, the car is full, go find another car to drive, follow the leader to enter the room
---Zombie system: Zombies allow to climb, search for passers-by, zombies get close: try to retreat, try to circle with zombies
- full game zombies
- Random zombie model
- Zombie movements and behaviors, possession of violent and general conditions, zombie bites, new deaths
- military garrison
-3D text
- Normal text, scrolling text, crew members showing scripts: It took me a lot of time to make these
-4 DEMO small missions

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Infected zone
Infected zone Infected zone Infected zone Infected zone

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