Air and Land

Author: Vital
Date: 05.07.2019
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GTA SA Air & Land by Vital

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Survive in the world full of randomness, being encircled by enemy planes and crazy bikers, amid infantry units and falling meteorites! Both air and land swarm with threats that Air & Land modification invites you to face.

— 15 enemy planes, 10 infantrymen and 5 bikers simultaneously
— the player can choose either Hydra or Rustler to use
— you get bonuses for taking down enemy planes*, for ramming them, and for flying upside down (in Rustler; if you have less than $250)
— if you have less than $500, your money and weapons are saved after death
— "Peaceful mode", when neutral planes do not become hostile
— built-in menu with some functions and help
— mod's settings are saved in an external file
— this mod is an Mission Pack, which means you can choose between Air & Land or standard SA
— new HUD elements: your plane's health and hostile aircraft counter
— Russian and English languages
— dynamic difficulty

*You must be in the chosen plane to get rewards for taking down enemies!

First of all, you need CLEO 4 library.
Then copy the mod files here:
MPACK —> My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files
If you want to use the Russian version, install the localisation by SanLtd (located in the root folder).

(!) If you already have an MPACK with the same number:
1) change the folder's name from MPACK6 to MPACK(any free number from 1 to 24);
2) in that folder, open mpack.dat and put the same number as the folder has in the beginning of the line.

To see the built-in menu, press "Answer No" button.

Thanks to all for help, advice, and patience!

Enjoy the mod!

10 July 2020:
— minor fixes
— updated regeneration system
— Full “San Fierro Tour” mission
— planes now can shoot each other with rockets

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Air and Land
Air and Land Air and Land

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