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Super Fast Teleporter

Author: starblind94
Date: 19.05.2019
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Never in the history of a GTA you could teleport so fast. STOP opening the menu, placing a red marker and then teleport, now you can teleport to anywhere you want just clicking on the map.
Just keep pressed < or \ (you can change these keys) and then click where you want to teleport.
Also, this mod contains the possibility to teleport to checkpoints in missions. So you can pass missions much faster. My record for Monster is 00:00 ;). Works for DYOM too.

How to install:
Extract sftel.ini, sftel.cs and sfmark.cs into your cleo folder. Also install SFTEL.txd in models/txd.

How to use:
Keep pressed < or \ to show map. Those keys can be changed in sftel.ini. You can change more settings in sftel.ini.
Press LMB (mouse, left click) to teleport.
If you are in an interior, you will be teleported to main world.
If you are in a car, your car will be teleported too.
If you are in a RC vehicle, only the RC vehicle will be teleported.
If you are in a train and it's not derailed, you could place your train anywhere in the map where there are rails.
If you are in a jetpack, the jetpack will still be on your back.
If you are using a parachute, don't worry, you won't die, and possibly this is the only teleport mod where you won't die if you were using a parachute if you be teleported.

For missions:
To teleport to checkpoints, just keep pressed < or \ and press Spacebar. Yellow markers will be shown on the map if this function is available.
Some examples:
-Time in Monster: 0:00
-Average time to pass Amphibious Assault: 0:10
-Average time to pass any Race Tournament race (except DirtRing and 8-Track): 0:00
-Average time until you get the Hydra in Vertical Bird: 0:20
-Average time for NRG-500 challenge: 0:01
-Average time for BMX 24/7/Pizzaboy/etc: 0:50

Known bugs:
-There is a very rare, near impossible, glitch you could stuck and never be teleported. Press Spacebar to fix this bug and then you will be teleported.
For missions:
-Ryder: not a bug, just the checkpoint is inside the barber, not outside the barber. First enter into the barber before teleporting.
-Wear Flowers in your hair: you will be teleported into Doherty garage.
-Stowaway: not a good idea teleporting to the checkpoint, you will be teleported inside the plane, not rear part of it.
-Black Project: not a bug, but when you are inside Area 69, teleporting to checkpoints is not useful. The reason is Rockstar decided to load "room" by "room", so if you teleport to the keycard checkpoint directly, previous "rooms" are not loaded so you have to go back and load "rooms".
-Freefall: after teleporting to rear part of Shamal with the Dodo, teleporting again to reach ring checkpoint won't work, you will be teleported to the original checkpoint.
-Coop wheels: teleport will only work for first 2 bikes.
-The End of the Line (1): not a bug, but when you are inside the Crack Palace, teleporting to checkpoints is not useful, the same reason of Black Project.
-Kickstart: teleporting to markers won't work. Rockstar misspelled Kickstart code and all markers are near the safe house farm.

Additional notes:
If you want to use other maps, you should replace GTA SA map texture in SFTEL.txd manually with TXD Workshop or any similar tool.

Author: Starblind94

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Super Fast Teleporter
Super Fast Teleporter Super Fast Teleporter Super Fast Teleporter Super Fast Teleporter Super Fast Teleporter Super Fast Teleporter Super Fast Teleporter

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