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PureRender v1.2

Author: PetkaGTA,YUK1
Date: 16.05.2019
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Filesize: 10.724 MB

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To install a mod, you must have the latest version of CLEO!


Transfer files from the "main" folder to the root folder of the game
(will ask to replace the file - replace)

In the game itself, press Num 7, a window will open, in it you will see an empty gray strip and an arrow to the right of it down. Click on the arrow and select the file render.ini.

Achrive contains configuration files for different PCs.
(In the folder "main 'configuration for powerful)
Simply transfer the file from the archive to the root folder of the game.
(with replacement)

List of changes:
-PureRender is now on the newest latest version of RenderHook (change look in the Discord channel RenderHook
- Improved timecart - paints are more juicy and atmospheric.
  The evenings became more beautiful, but still after 7 pm the sun disappears and everything becomes pathetic.
  Cloudy and rainy weather fixed
  Fixed the night, now the light from the windows, lights, not so faded.
-Added global coverage
-Improved smoothing


-All installed on a clean GTA and does not start, what to do?
- Go to My Documents and look for the folder "GTA San Andreas
 User Files "there delete the gta_sa.set file

-Made as written above, but still does not work!
-Reinstall DirectX and Visual C ++, I don’t know any other options!

I advise you to install the mod Behind Space Of Realities - Five Stars
with him the game looks completely different!

Come to the Discord channel RenderHook! There are a lot of interesting things and help if the game does not start with a mod or some bugs.

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PureRender v1.2
PureRender v1.2 PureRender v1.2 PureRender v1.2 PureRender v1.2

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