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GTA V - Vapid Peyote (Only DFF)

Author: B0L4S / Automan | Email
Date: 19.04.2019
Downloads: 9277 | Statistics
Filesize: 0.842 MB

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"Once upon a time, in order to get your hands on a real Peyote you had to scope the right neighborhood, try to hotwire it before anyone saw you, lie low for two days, and only go to the mod shop after you'd dug the bullets out your ass. Now, Benny will personally steal it, change the plates, dig the bullets out of his own ass, supermod it, and tell your friends that you did it all yourself. Eligible for customization at Benny's Original Motor Works.”
Benny's Original Motor Works

v4: Textures improvement..

The model has 2 bodywork variants, 2 lines of color, colourable interior and adaptability with game's original paintjob (need to replace Savanna).

Due to the remapping of the body (necessary to make the paintjobs work) the car looks ugly. This unfortunately cannot be fixed, so in the package there are 2 versions of Peyote: With and Without liveries (without liveries cannot have paintjobs applied).

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Credits for: Rockstar Games / Automan

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GTA V - Vapid Peyote (Only DFF)
GTA V - Vapid Peyote (Only DFF) GTA V - Vapid Peyote (Only DFF)

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