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Switch Player Mod v3.2

Author: muhammad_herizal
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Date: 04.03.2019
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Switch Player Mod Similar GTA V but different.
Version 3.2 stable:

what's new?
1. Add unrecruit partner
2. Various minor bug fixes

For hobby adventure and war, I think this mod is suitable for you.
Adventure does not fell lonely with a friend :D

Tested in GTA below:
- GTA San Andreas original
- GTA Gostown Paradise v66c RC2
- GTA Underground v3.3.10.4
- GTA Extreme Indonesia v8
- GTA Tiki Islands
- GTA Criminal Russia Beta2
- GTA Anderius (tested by Markmadrox)

Work perfectly...!!! (must use the latest cleo 4)

Know Bug:
maybe there are some

note : this mod use 2 global variable, following below:
- variable $6000 = for partner
- variable $6001 = for partner health bar
after i check various main.scm, global variables $6000 and $6001 are not used or free.
i hope the 2 variable are not used by other mods, otherwise the mod won't run perfectly or crash.

remember!!! if you use GTA total conversion, like GTA Gostown Paradise, GTA Underground, and other GTA. You must manually import the model to the *img file.

***thanks and enjoy it***

Switch Partner Mod, Partner Mod,

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Switch Player Mod v3.2
Switch Player Mod v3.2 Switch Player Mod v3.2 Switch Player Mod v3.2 Switch Player Mod v3.2

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