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Fast and Furious Wheel Pack

Author: juanmasilsca
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Date: 02.03.2019
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-----THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS WHEEL PACK by juanmasilsca--------

Hey guys, it's been a while. I've been bussy with more important things, you known, real life stuff. However, i've still managed to make some progress to my mods...
As you perhaps know, i converted a couple of tunable cars to SA; The Eclipse and Skyline, both of them with accurate FnF tuning parts, but i owned you the wheels because i wanted to compile them in a pack.
Well, I think it's pretty good so it's time to release this pack because i don't want to spend more time on it (i don't have time anyways).

So, here is the rims list. They are 15:

Axis Se7en - Brian's Mitsubishi Eclipse FnF1
Racing Hart M5 - Brian's Toyota Supra FnF1
Veilside Andrew Racing F - Dom's Mazda RX7 FnF1
American Racing Torq Thrust - Dom's Dodge Charger FnF1
HRE 446R - Brian's Nissan Skyline 2F2F
Motegi FF5 - Brian's Mitsubishi Evolution 2F2F
Lowenhart BR5 - Roman's Mitsubishi Eclipse 2F2F
OZ Superleggera - Slap Jack's Toyota Supra 2F2F
Ro_JA - Julius's Mazda RX7 2F2F
Andrew Racing Evolution V - Han's Mazda Rx7 FnF3
Rays Volk RE30 - Brian's Nissan Skyline FnF4
Coys C5 - Dom's Dodge Charger FnF4
BBS LM - Brian's Toyota Supra F7
??? - Dom's Dodge Charger F7

If there aren't more wheels is beacause i couldn't find a good 3d model.

Note this is a compilation, i didn't created the wheels but i did modeled/edited/mapped them a bit. The majority of them where downloaded from

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Fast and Furious Wheel Pack
Fast and Furious Wheel Pack Fast and Furious Wheel Pack Fast and Furious Wheel Pack Fast and Furious Wheel Pack

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