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A9x Free Battle v.1 (PC) #1 Whetstone Free Battle (Deathmatch)

Author: Alvian9xpro | Email
Date: 21.01.2019
Downloads: 20170 | Statistics
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A9x Free Battle v.1 By Alvian9xpro

Another Battle ! :
A9x Free Battle #2 ( Survival )

( Cleo and Modloader Requires )
Gets survived and Kill
Feature :
- Limited ammo
- Free battle ( No limit )
- Respawn mode ( Always )
- Long range weapon ( Thats why we need modloader for this )

For who likes the FPS online battle like Point blank , Counter strike , i have something good for you ( Altought its not 100% like that , but its better than never :D )

List of the battle ( battle location inside mod ) :

#1 Whetstone Free Battle ( Deathmatch )

In this map , you will spawn in random place , 2 Sharpshooter Sniper And total 10 Bots/NPC in area , This is has no team match so everyone will kill each other

( Recomended to use silenced pistol )

Other Mod By Me :
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A9x Free Battle v.1 (PC) #1 Whetstone Free Battle (Deathmatch)
A9x Free Battle v.1 (PC) #1 Whetstone Free Battle (Deathmatch) A9x Free Battle v.1 (PC) #1 Whetstone Free Battle (Deathmatch) A9x Free Battle v.1 (PC) #1 Whetstone Free Battle (Deathmatch)

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