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Aston Martin DBR9 for Mobile

Author: -EXDEATH-
Date: 06.01.2019
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《Aston Martin DBR9》


From : NFS ProStreet
For : GTA San Andreas : Mobile


Features :
- 3 Custom Paintjobs Included
- High Quality Model
- High Quality Textures
- High Quality Reflection
- Own Custom Collision
- Own Custom Settings
- Own Custom Data Lines
- Own Custom Shadow
- Working Headlights
- Working Steering Wheel

Minor Error :
Due to an unknown reason, you may experience the camera angle is very high to that of the car. To fix this, go to "Options", select "Game", then change the "Vehicle Camera Height" to "Low". This error does not affect the gameplay.


Ripped & ported to SA by : Impostor
Ported to mobile by : -EXDEATH-


Replaces : Premier


You can use this mod in your own work, just put proper credits on it. Also you can notify and contact me here on GTAInisde if you want to ask about my permission, also ask the permission of the original author. If you have PC Mods and want them to be ported on mobile, you can also ask me and i'll do my best to port it, just take note that i don't port other game models (Like GTA V, IV, etc) because i have no interest on it and also i don't accept scripts conversion, because it is beyond my knowledge and i don't know how scripting works. Better ask a specific modder about that.


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Aston Martin DBR9 for Mobile
Aston Martin DBR9 for Mobile Aston Martin DBR9 for Mobile Aston Martin DBR9 for Mobile

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