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Air Swimming v.1 (PC)

Author: Alvian9xpro | Email
Date: 15.12.2018
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Air Swimming v.1

( Reminder : Iam not stealer ! )

Air swimming , Now you can swim everywhere , anywhere :D

Reference : All Fantasy film :v

How to use ?
Type "9XSI" To activated the mod , type again to deactivated , very easy using and not cause lag and crash at all

When activated :
- Press Shift in air or hold Jump key to starting the mod
- Press UP or W to move forward
- And press SPACE in same time to fast swim

This mod source from gravity control or any mod like superman mod , etc , im just remake it !!

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Have Fun

Tags :
Gta sa swimming in air
Gta sa swim
Gta sa Air swim
Gta sa swimming air
Gta sa swimming in air mod

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Air Swimming v.1 (PC)
Air Swimming v.1 (PC) Air Swimming v.1 (PC) Air Swimming v.1 (PC)

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