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Story Mode with 2-Players + Parachuting v1.0

Author: skatefilter5
Date: 05.10.2018
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well player2 parachute isnt 100% yet i try to make p2 fall the same way like p1 but didnt work it acts
too slow to get the ground even press to release the parachute you still go back to
parachute mode until your on ground.

its sightly broken.

This is the add-on to my old mod from last year, downloading other user's 2player cleo mission won't allow any missions, but some stuff maybe.

try other p2 parachute cleos if they function but all the them make him fall slowly!

just either put it in modloader or cleo folder but deleted it and rename in your cleo folder/modloader or
else it well merge the cleos to become broken!

It's modded main.scm you must start new game! I just get rid of the check player controllable shit (how needs player controllable check anyway to use something?)
with player controllable in - it don't work when 2-player when if active too make it not allow to play missions, buy pops, date or whatever. However interiors will disable the arrows while in 2-player mode it's not from scm it's just built-in script for something else.

Yes you can buy a drink, play mission, parachute and go on a date with your girlfriend 2nd player!
(for girlfriends I've didn't get to yet, that requires you to play some missions.) I'll get to in a moment.

NOTE: you need fastman's adjusted limiter to enable snipers,parachutes and chainsaws in 2-player.
but anyways I include it for you and sets 2nd player weapons flags to 1 for all weapons.

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Story Mode with 2-Players + Parachuting v1.0
Story Mode with 2-Players + Parachuting v1.0

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