Sewerage v3

Author: Saske2201 Bugagastic DevNoBat
Date: 09.09.2018
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Sewage v3 (Final version) consists of 5 Entrances,
(1 Entrance is in a dry water channel near the house of Carl Johnson,
2 Entrance is close to the wall near the road,
3 Entrance is in the ground near the Hospital (sewer hatch),
4 Entrance is in the ground (a break in the foundation ) near the construction site next there is a zone for skateboarding,
5 Entrance is in the wall (Door) underground in the railway tunnel),
2 Deadlock, 9 Rooms, 2 Breakage, and 1 Blockage.
Screenshots of all sewerage points are included. On the choice of 2 variants of textures from the Author and (if anyone does not like them)
My altered and extended (it is put on the replacement of the author's), Who are interested in watching 2 videos.
+ Bonus new video screensaver,new hud, a new background (sewer) in the menu (you need CLEO),
and the mouse cursor cursor.
At night, the sewerage is illuminated by light. If you notice a bug with flickering of textures in some places (depending on the video card)
in the settings, reduce the rendering range.
Bonus: Added Some Easter eggs.
For those who are interested There are old versions of the modification.

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Sewerage v3
Sewerage v3 Sewerage v3 Sewerage v3 Sewerage v3 Sewerage v3 Sewerage v3 Sewerage v3

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