Real Life Weapon Stats and Handling

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Date: 04.09.2018
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For those who wants their GTA SA more Realistic and Challenging!
*Better with First Person Mod!

---------------------------------MOD INFO--------------------------------------------------
*Improved Damage so it gets close to the real life
*Scalating ammo and damage from Poor to Hitman skills.
*Real life ammo capacity to each gun
*Accelerated/Realistic fire rate
*Realistic weapon handling
*"Improved" Gameplay difficulty


-Pistol/colt 45: +has ####-17 Ammo (based on the real life Glock 17).
+increased damage.
-No dual handling.

-Silenced: -Has ###-12 (based on the real life USP or common 9mm megazine),
-less damage than the pistol

-Desert eagle: +Ingreased damage.
-TEC-9: -Has ####-30 to 32 ammo capacity (based on the real life TEC-9)
++Super Ultra hiper increased fire rate (based on the real life TEC-9)
-no dual handling
--Drasticaly decreased damage.
--- Very VERY Poor accuracy
* Can be Jamed (Bug?); To unjam the gun you have to aim a few times again.

-Micro SMG/UZI: +has ####-30 to 50 ammo capacity (Based on the real life Uzi)
+Drasticaly Increased fire rate
-No dual Handling

-MP5/SMG: -Has ####-30 to 31 ammo capacity (based on real life mp5)
+minor increase on damage.
-Shotgun: +increased Damage

-No dual handling

-Combat Shotgun: *default Shotgun damage/Less damage than the other shotguns (Based on the real life)
Both:-now have a capacity of: ####-30 to 31 ammo.
+Increased Fire rate

AK: +got a considarate amount of damage
-slow fire rate
-low accuracy

M4: -has less damage than the AK
+Fast fire rate
+good accuracy


Country Rifle: +Has a ####-15 Ammo capacity (kinda based on the Real life Winchester rifle)
+Increased damage


*Keep in mind that this stats are shared with the Peds, so it will increase the gameplay difficulty drasticaly
that includes: the vehicles might explode more faster by shooting at them, depending the tier of the gun.
Depending on the guns the peds are using, you can easly get killed if you arent prepared.
if you use another difficulty mod that increases the damage and fire rate of the guns,
guess what? you will fucked up on your first step out of your house :)
FOOOXFT/Peds have guns cheat = I dare you wont stay less of 10 minutes alive...

*Those archives have been tested on a V1.0 GTA SA Version, im not sure if it works on higher versions or even
the android version. let me know, please ;)

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Real Life Weapon Stats and Handling
Real Life Weapon Stats and Handling Real Life Weapon Stats and Handling Real Life Weapon Stats and Handling

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