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SA MemHacker v1.2

Author: Inan-Ahammad | Email
Date: 04.07.2018
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SA Mem Hacker v1.2 by Inan-Ahammad

v1.2 - 23.06.2018
1.Optimised Code.
2.Removed popup configaration from ini.
3.Added Usage_Type 4 & 5
4.Created a new documentation.
5.No need to put unneeded keywords and their values anymore which arent needed for that specific type.

v1.0 - 21.06.2018
1.Initial Release

This is a memory hacker for GTA San Andreas.So what it does?right

This script provides you the ability to create your own cheats/hacks whatever you say it.If we go in depth but say simply,
this will let you create your custom cheats without having to code.You aren't actually limited to a certain type of cheat.
Rather,you got choices how you want your cheat to work.

For example:(Defined as usage_type in doc)
1.Button press - You can choose to set two button keys which will activete your cheat.
2.Cheat Code - You can also set a cheat which would activate your cheat.
3.Always - You can also set your cheat to run always,you dont need to type

Basically these three types will cover up ,most of cheat types.With each useful for different types of in-game functionality.

Enough of the buttons,lets go some other types(which are defines as hack_types in doc):

1.Write Value - This type would just write your value to memory adresses.Nothing much.IT comes with no other functionality.
2.Enable/Disable - An extended format of the type 1.Comes with enable/disable feature.
3.Increase/Decrease - Also similar to type 1 but it will increase or decrease memory value by your given value.
4.Auto-Select - This will auto-select between hack_type 1 & 3 depending on the memory size.

Further information could be fouund in the .ini itself.

From the above funstionalities it's possible to simulate MOST types of cheats/hacks.Some places are still left for improvements.
They will be adeed in future versons.

Note:Operating this script script might be a little tricky.If you need somehelp with this script.You can always ask me
at GTA or Email

[email protected]

Special Thanks:
Junior-Djjr and LINK/2012

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SA MemHacker v1.2

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